RaspberryPi course - building garden control & weather station

Raspberry Course

Greetings! I am very glad that you ended up on my blog, mostly focused on programming and electronics. Since you clicked on this post I guess you are probably looking for some learing material to teach yourself how to run and control your RaspberryPi, how to connect various sensors and other components to it and read data from them and how to make something cool with it. If it is really your case, then read ahead, because I have decided to write a series covering everything from seting up your Raspberry for the first time to creating a super cool garden control system running on your own Raspberry server, which will enable you to controll your water pump while checking the temperature and heigh of your water well!

From now on, I will publish short articles, each focused on one major thing that you can do with your Raspberry. We will start with a setup, then learn how to write programs in Python, how to connect and read data from your sensors, then we will run a Laravel server on your Raspberry with MySQL database and finally, we will put everything together and build a remote garden control system with a weather station.

Articles won’t be published on regullar basis, but you can expect aproximately one article per two weeks. Below, I am going to create a list of published and planned articles, so go ahead and click on those which have a link - those are done and wait for those wich are next in the row.

If you think there is something missing or you would like me to write an article about certain sensor, do not hesitate and give me a shout here in the comments or mail me.

Raspberry course articles

  1. First time starting your Raspberry
  2. Pinouts - connecting other electronics to Raspberry
  3. Lumos! - turning on a LED with Python
  4. Will it rain? - reading external weather API with python
  5. Reading temperature from a DHT sensor
  6. Measuring distances with ultrasonic JSN-SR04T sensor
  7. Day or night? - Measuring light intensity
  8. Water everywhere - humidity, rain and water level sensors
  9. Turning high voltage electronics on and of - control a relay
  10. Flying around - read data from gyroscope
  11. Securing your room - access system with NFC reader
  12. Screenshoting you garden - conext a camera to RaspberryPi
  13. Own linux server - running apache on Raspberry
  14. Setting up Laravel on Raspberry
  15. Putting it together - building a garden control system & weather station

Enjoy reading and I hope these articles will become a starting point for your awsome Raspberry projects!